Our Services


Vocational Consulting

Personal Injury 

Services focused on objective expert forensic vocational rehabilitation services in legal settings and proceedings.  

Workers' Compensation

Services focused on assessment, planning, documentation, management and restoration of work functioning.  

Long Term Disability 

Services focused on assessment, planning,  documentation, and restoration of physical and occupational functioning  in Long  Term Disability (LTD) adjudication proceedings. 

School Transition Services

School transition services are activities that prepare students with disabilities to move from school to post-school life.  

Life Care Planning

 A Life Care Plan (LCP) is a  multi-disciplinary disability case management tool.  The LCP is an  integral part of establishing the long term care and funding needs of a  person with a serious or catastrophic injury or illness requiring long  term intervention or care. Recommendations established in the LCP are  established on a foundation of medical, therapeutic and vocational needs  over the lifespan of the injured or disabled party.   

Career Counseling & Consulting

 Career assessment involves the  administration of various occupational and vocational tests and  surveys.  In undergoing career assessment, you gain insight into the  types of work you are best suited for. After identifying the key  vocational factors, such as occupational interests, aptitude, abilities  and values.  I engage my clients through interactive career  counseling to help you learn as much as possible about your "dream jobs"  or identification of jobs you are most likely to find vocational  satisfaction in.  We will develop a step by step plan for your to reach  your career and occupational goals.