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Robinson Work Rehabilitation specializes in evaluating  the impact of an injury or chronic health care condition on a persons  ability  to work or the intensity the injury or condition will require  in terms of future medical and related care needs.  

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Over the years, we have worked with  thousands of individuals that share a common  issue.  The common thread  with all of my clients, regardless of the setting or issues, is in  answering the question, "how does a person's present circumstances  impact their ability to fully participate in the world around them-and  in particular, the world of work". Most often, we are asked to  consider the impact of disability or impairment on a persons  employability, placeability, and earning capacity.  In other matters, I  am asked to evaluate the future care needs related to a catastrophic or  chronic health condition, or still in other cases, to simply evaluate a  certain aspect of a case. Our goal is to provide "Objective results through Experience & Credibility."  There is never a cost for initial case consultation.  

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