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Marital Dissolution & Divorce

Marital Dissolution & Divorce
Often times in divorce proceedings, issues arise regarding one of the spouses ability to work or earn wages at a certain level.  Maybe one spouse hasn't worked for some time and their skills have fallen out of date.  Maybe one of the spouses is disabled and hasn't worked for some time.  There are any number of circumstances or scenarios that can arise in these matters that are of a vocational nature.  

As a vocational consultant in these matters, I evaluate the parties and establish the wage earning capacity of one or both of the spouses.  In cases where the issue of vocational rehabilitation is raised, I can develop a vocational rehabilitation plan with timelines, associated costs and projected earning potential upon successful completion of the plan.  This information is valuable to the parties in attempting to reach an amicable agreement through mediation or in cases where mediation fails and the facts are to be heard by a judge. 

In cases where mediation is not successful, I have appeared as an expert to testify on the vocational aspects of the matter.


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