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Career Consulting Services

Career Assessment
Career assessment involves the administration of various occupational and vocational tests and surveys.  In undergoing career assessment, you gain insight into the types of work you are best suited for.  Career assessment minimally involves assessment of occupational interests, abilities and work values.

Career Counseling
After identifying the key vocational factors, such as occupational interests, aptitude, abilities and values.  I engage my clients through interactive career counseling to help you learn as much as possible about your "dream jobs" or identification of jobs you are most likely to find vocational satisfaction in.  We will develop a step by step plan for your to reach your career and occupational goals. 

Job Search & Placement Coaching
Job search and job placement services involve counseling and coaching aimed at job seeking and job keeping skill development. The end result of job search and placement activities is the identification and attainment of suitable work.


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