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Life Care Planning

Disability Life Care Projections
A Life Care Plan (LCP) is a multi-disciplinary disability case management tool.  The LCP is an integral part of establishing the long term care and funding needs of a person with a serious or catastrophic injury or illness requiring long term intervention or care.

Recommendations established in the LCP are established on a foundation of medical, therapeutic & vocational needs over the lifespan of the injured or disabled party.  The life care plan includes an assessment and cost projection over the lifespan of:

Projected evaluation
Projected therapeutic modalities
Wheelchair needs
Wheelchair accessories and maintenance
Orthotics / Prosthetics
Home furnishings & accessories
Home care / facility care
Future medical care (routine)
Future medical care (aggressive treatment)
Architectural renovations
Leisure time / recreational

Life Care Plans are used extensively to determine the long term financial exposure to a carrier or to help evaluate a claim for settlement value.

Disability Case Management
Disability case management is important during the acute phase of disability or injury.  Early intervention is important to minimize the long term chronic impact upon the injured party's functional ability to interact within their home, occupational and social areas. 

As a disability case manager, I have over a decade of experience with a range of populations to include war injured veterans, occupationally injured workers and congenitally disabled children and adults. 


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